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PT. Indopart Services was establish in 2006, our activities are General supplier & Contractor such as Ground Enggaging Tools, Accessorise Bucket protection, Bucket, system electrical, and Ripper System include GET.

  • Ground Enggaging Tools
  • Tooth Bucket ANT Product & Other Product as Esco, Hensley, OEM Series
  • Ripper Shank, Cutting Edge, Ripper Protectore, Ripper Boot, End Bit etc
  • Abrasive Wear Plate:
  • Chocky Bar
  • Wear Button
  • Dual Plat
  • Accessorise Bucket :
  • Cast corner protectore, Wing Shroud, Wear Strip, Wear Plate etc
  • Tungtens, Overly, Hardfacing
  • Convensional
  • Simple system (Wire Pro Nise)
  • Electrical Part

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GET, Ground Engaging Tools, Tooth Bucket, Accessorise Bucket, Ripper Shank, Ripper Shank Protector, Ripper Point, End Bit, Cutting Edge, Grader Blade, Bucket